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  • As We May Think: What is the future of communication?

    Things I expect to see in the future (and would be upset if they are never created.)

    >Laptops with built in hologram sensors so that when we’re video chatting with people, not only will they see us on the screen, but a hologram projection of our entire body will be right in front of them. While on the topic of holograms, imagine if you could save the professor’s entire lecture and have his hologram and chalkboard playback right in your room?

    >Writing utensils that store every stroke the user makes. This information can be stored on the pen or pencil so that when a button is pushed, the pen/pencil will start writing the saved data on its own. A PEN THAT WRITES YOUR ESSAY FOR YOU!

    >Cords that attach to the sides of your head and type sentences to your laptop based on what you’re thinking. (Just don’t have a dirty mind.)

    >Two words: Downloadable food. Let’s say famous chef Emeril was making a caramel soufflĂ© and you’d KILL to know how it tasted. Well, Emeril can use a platform to upload the taste onto and have it emailed out to all of his viewers. The viewer can then download an edible image of the soufflĂ© and EAT IT! Why order Chinese from that crusty old shop down the street when you can get real chinese food from China! (Potential Danger: Hopefully the food wont have a virus.)

    >Jetsons style teleportation tubes. No more cars, nuff said.

    “Jane! Stop this crazy thing!”