Creating and Consuming the Internet Summary

The internet has come a long way since the beginning when it was primarily intended for informational use. It is now being used to connect millions of people across the world and to share ideas and creations. Many changes have been done to make the internet more user-friendly and more efficient. The separation of form and content on webpages makes it easier for users to edit structural content without them needing to know any advanced coding. Because of shifts like these that make usability less strenuous, the internet has become a lot more malleable. What’s great about this is that now the internet isn’t just controlled by one person or group of people; we control it and we ARE the web!


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  1. Amber,

    Right on, I agree. Now some precise readings of the videos and what that means would be awesome. Also, how about a descriptive title? I know time was short, and no bad on this. But more and more we have to get into the habit of blogging for a broader community. People needs context, details, and your voice.